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Hands to Heal Massage Therapy - FAQ

At Hands to Heal Massage Therapy your massage treatment session is conducted in a relaxed and safe environment.

All Hands to Heal Massage Therapist's are highly skilled professional qualified soft tissue practitioners, who work within the International World Massage Practicing Codes and Standards, Massage New Zealand Practicing Codes, Ethics and Standards. Also Australian Oncology Massage Practicing Codes, Ethics and Standards.  

Hands to Heal Massage Therapists are not Doctors; We are not trained Psychiatrists, nor Physiotherapists, however we are NZQA professionally trained soft tissue practitioners, and have trained with Massage New Zealand treatment providers and do hold current New Zealand First Aid certificates. We do have an extensive professional network, therefore if we are questioned while in your massage therapy session and being deemed beyond "scope of practice" we will offer you an opportunity to engage with one of the suitable practitioners.

Our ethos is to return you to "Complete Body Wellness" with The Best Massage Treatment, After Your Massage Session Tips and Massage Therapy Treatment Planning.

If you have any questions and are unsure on what Massage Treatment would suit you the best, please call Toni on 07 578 7526 for a no obligation chat. or email

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Many thanks to Massage New Zealand for the FAQ format.