Hands to Heal Massage Therapy - Code of Ethics

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What is a 'Code of Ethic's'?  

A Code of Ethics is a statement encompassing the set of rules based on values and the standards of conduct to which practitioners of a profession are expected to conform too.

The 'Code of Ethics' below is aligned with Massage New Zealand, governing body of any form of Massage Therapy in New Zealand.

hands to heal massage therapy - code of ethicsHands to Heal Massage Therapy - Code of Ethic's

Client Relationships

Practitioners will:

  1. Acknowledge the inherent worth and individuality of each person by not discriminating or behaving in any prejudicial manner with clients.
  2. Provide draping and explanation sufficient to meet the client’s needs for comfort and privacy.
  3. Respect the client’s boundaries regarding privacy, disclosure, emotional expression, and beliefs.
  4. Ensure informed client consent has been obtained prior to massage.
  5. Maintain open communication throughout the massage session ensuring ongoing informed client consent, explaining rationale for proposed Massage Therapy.
  6. Serve the best interests of their clients and provide best practice quality of service.
  7.  Respect the confidence of their client, and diagnostic findings acquired during consultation and/or treatment shall not be divulged to anyone without the client’s consent, except when required by law or where failure to do so would constitute a menace or danger to the client or another member of the community.
  8. Acknowledge the limitations of their skills and, when necessary, refer clients to the appropriate qualified health care professions.

Practitioners will not:

  1. Endanger the physical, mental, or emotional health, well-being, or safety of a client
  2. Engage in sexual conduct with a client.
Scope of Practice / Appropriate Technique

Practitioners will:

  1. Represent their education, training, qualifications, and abilities honestly.
  2. At all times ensure that the treatment they provide conforms not only to the relevant scope of practice of Massage New Zealand but also within their own scope of practice.
  3. Ensure that the techniques they employ are the most appropriate for the condition presented by the client.

Practitioners will not:

  1. Perform manipulations or adjustments to the human skeletal structure or diagnose, prescribe, or provide any other service, procedure, or therapy, unless they are specifically trained and authorized to do so.

Practitioners will:

  1. Refrain from using any mind-altering drugs, alcohol or intoxicants prior to, or during treatments.
  2. Maintain their premises in a clean, hygienic condition and keep them in good repair.
  3. Follow personal hygiene and dress code principles so as not to cause offense to the client or the profession.
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to the highest quality of massage service.
  5. Clearly display and/or disclose policies and fees in advance of services.
  6. Respect the right of any client to refuse, modify or terminate massage services at any time before or during the massage, regardless of prior consent to the contrary.

Practitioners will not:

  1. Knowingly interfere with any ongoing treatment instigated by another practitioner.
  2. Criticize the work of other therapists. 
  3. Be affiliated with, or employed by, any therapeutic massage business that utilizes any form of sexual suggestiveness or explicit sexuality in its advertising or promotion of services, or in the actual practice of its services.
Image / Advertising Claims

Practitioners will:

  1. Strive to project a professional image for themselves, their business or place of employment, and the profession in general.
  2. Always display this Code of Ethics in a prominent position for public viewing within their clinic.

An absence or omission of any practice or value within the MNZ Code of Ethics shall not serve as an endorsement of such practice or value. Responsibility for upholding the Code rests with the practitioner.

Any person believing the above Code of Ethics has been breached should address their complaint in writing to:

The Vice-President
Massage New Zealand Inc
PO Box 4131
New Zealand

If you have any questions in relation to Hands to Heal Massage Therapy Ltd - Code of Ethics, please contact us.                         To Download a copy of the Hands to Heal Massage Therapy - Code of Ethics. click here.