Hands to Heal Massage Therapy - Toni O'Daly

Hands to Heal Massage Therapy - Toni O'Daly Breast CancerSurvivor
Toni O'Daly
Principal Massage Therapist/Managing Director -

From Toni to You..

Whilst visiting family in Auckland at the end of 2008, I made my discovery. I asked mum to check for me as well, and yes there was definitely an abnormal mass in my right Breast. Within the following couple of weeks it was confirmed that I had developed Breast Cancer and that quick action was required. Wow, I never expected things to move so quickly. From the beginning of the month when I had a normal existence, to having cancer and had my first ever experience of being operated on, let alone being in a hospital bed!!! I was 38 years old.

So it was onwards and upwards from there. I recovered from the mastectomy and had the full treatment plan (Chemo; Hormones; Radiation) in the year to follow. At least there was finally time to enjoy my family and friends, along with a new appreciation of life in general and a positive attitude to kick this in the butt!

During my life so far, I have been extremely fortunate to have been surrounded mainly by genuinely warm loving people, by people who believe in sharing, not only their knowledge but also their essence. 

It has been encouraged in me, for as long as I can remember that it is healthy to share emotion whether it is joy and happiness, or overwhelming sadness or stress. Through doing this, and through my recent health issues, I have also learned that through the sense of touch, all creatures can be nurtured and set at ease.  

It is a pity then, that it took so long to realise this, and that I had resisted the urge in me for so many years, to practice the art of “Healing though Touch”. Maybe if I had I wouldn’t have gone through the health issues I did! However ours is not to questions why…but to learn from history and make changes in our lives to create a happier healthier future! And so listening to these words of wisdom I have made changes and they have been extremely rewarding.

 I have always been told that I have a healing touch. I scoffed and shrugged and just simply agreed, not really understanding what people were saying. I have since experienced from other healers what this means, and have begun to understand a whole lot more! Until you have actually experienced things they don’t always make a lot of sense, but you get the general idea, right? That is exactly what it is like to feel the benefits of “Healing though Touch”. When I am using this term, I don’t necessarily mean that hands or skin need to touch another body either…but that is another story to discuss in a more personable situation!

However it is safe to say that “Healing though Touch” offers a piece of tranquility, which allows the stress to dissipate and the body to function naturally and correct itself where it can, creating Homeostasis – Stable Internal Balance. This is the way I want to live my life, in a much more relaxed environment, because having dealt with the constraints of corporate environments obviously hasn’t been very positive for my health.

To be able to share this with others and therefore helping them to experience an extremely beneficial and enjoyable means of becoming healthier and therefore happier will in itself be amazingly rewarding for myself – the old Win - Win Scenario!!!