Hands to Heal Massage Therapy - Indian Head Massage

9.30am - 7.00pm

Hands to Heal Massage Therapy/Indian Head MassageIndian Head Massage has been practiced for thousands of years and one of the most traditional massage which is well-known throughout the world.

The therapist will fit the client in a Mobile Massage Chair, then will initiate the beginning of the massage system, carefully kneading the muscles around key areas, using different massage pressures and rhythms which stimulate the head, neck, upper back and shoulder area. It also involves stroking and stimulating pressure points around the face. The sensation of the release of stress and tension can be felt immediately. 

The head, neck and shoulders are important energy centers within your body, if you are stressed or anxious, tension tends to accumulate. Indian Head Massage involves working with a strong, but gentle rhythm helping to unknot blockages and release tension, this effect is not just physical, it also works on an emotional level, calming the spirit, promoting relaxation and relieving.

Indian Head Massage Benefits
  • Relief of neck and shoulder stiffness
  • Fibrous adhesion's (knots and nodules) can be broken down
  • Dispersal of toxins
  • Loosens the scalp
  • Increases oxygen uptake in tissues
  • Improves circulation of blood, providing extra oxygen to the brain
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Helps relieve eyestrain and headaches
  • Helps with mental tiredness
  • Improves concentration
  • Relief from mental and emotional stress
  • Relaxation of the whole person