Hands to Heal Massage Therapy - Full Body Massage

9.30AM - 7.30PM

Hands to Heal Massage/Full Body MassageAfter the initial consultation process is complete your Professional Hands to Heal Massage Therapist will discuss and advise the best treatment option for you.. 

Full Body Massage is one of the special types of massage therapies available that can be used to treat a wide range of conditions or can simply be used to calm, relax, and sooth. Full body massage is the holistic application of touch to affect every system of the body. It affects not just the muscular system but also the digestive, circulatory, endocrine, lymphatic, mental, and nervous systems. During a full body massage the soft tissues of the body are manipulated for multiple benefits.

On the surface, Full Body Massage promotes relaxation, improves sleep, eases the symptoms to tired and sore joints, encourages improved circulation, and speeds up digestion. Through massage the skins€™ natural functions are stimulated, which improve the skin€™s condition and also the warmth that is created will help to relax the body mentally and physically.

Stress is a common component in all our lives and if it remains unrelieved it can cause muscular tension. This muscular tension causes a decrease in oxygen and blood flow to the organs causing aches and pains, fatigue, muscle tightness and stiffness, and even increase the risk of injury.

Full Body massage helps to relieve this muscular tension by increasing oxygen flow and the circulation of blood throughout the body.

Full Body massage is also known to help with weight loss, improving and increasing both blood and lymph circulation, nourishing the skin, soothing and relaxing nerves, assisting in the removal of deposits of tissue, releasing mental and emotional tension, creating a feeling of well-being, and overall enjoyment.

During a Full Body Massage Treatment, a combination of movements are combined to work superficially and then deeper into your soft tissue, producing wonderful benefits that positively affect every aspect of the body.

"Complete Body Wellness - Full Body Massage Therapy"