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About Jude Griffiths

Welcome Jude here, a little about myself, I have Studied many Spiritual & Healing modalities over the last 40+ years starting with Reiki at the age of 16. My passion has mostly directed at Emotional Healing through a few different Colour Therapy systems and Serenity Vibrational Healing which works by Clearing old Patterns and Emotions that no longer serve us to Affirmations and Manifesting into a more Loving, Abundant & Happy life. 

I am a Clairvoyant (I see Visions through my 3rd eye) Clairaudient (I Hear) Clairsentient (I Feel) I also use Tarot cards as a tool when I am doing a Reading & Spiritual Counselling.

I also have a diploma in Life Coaching which has led me to now call myself a Spiritual Counsellor. 

Psychic Tarot Reading

In a Psychic Tarot Reading I am here to help with any concerns you may have with your Job, Family, Love life, Money or are you feeling stuck or at crossroads and just need some guidance from Spirit and your higher Self, a Reading can Empower you to take back control of your lives with Optimism & Hope.

A psychic tarot reading involves using tarot cards as a tool for gaining insight into various aspects of your life, including past, present, and future events. Unlike traditional tarot readings, which may focus more on interpreting the symbolism of the cards, psychic tarot readings often involve the reader tapping into their psychic abilities to provide additional guidance and intuition.

During a psychic tarot reading, the reader may focus on connecting with the client's energy or the energies surrounding a particular situation. They may use the imagery and symbolism of the tarot cards as a focal point to tune into the client's questions or concerns. The reader may also rely on their intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, or other psychic senses to provide insights and interpretations beyond what the cards themselves convey.

 Emotional Wellness

Jude can assess your emotional wellness in which refers to the state of being in which you can understand and manage your emotions effectively, leading to a sense of balance, resilience, and overall well-being. It involves recognizing and accepting your feelings, both positive and negative, and responding to them in healthy ways. A little more below..

Key aspects of emotional wellness include:

  1. Self-awareness: Understanding one's own emotions, including their triggers, patterns, and impact on thoughts and behaviors.

  2. Self-regulation: Developing strategies to manage and cope with emotions in constructive ways, such as through relaxation techniques, mindfulness, or seeking support from others.

  3. Empathy: Being able to recognize and understand the emotions of others, and responding with compassion and understanding.

  4. Healthy relationships: Building and maintaining supportive connections with others, fostering open communication, trust, and mutual respect.

  5. Stress management: Developing effective coping mechanisms to deal with stressors and challenges, such as time management, problem-solving skills, and seeking social support.

  6. Resilience: Cultivating the ability to bounce back from setbacks and adversity, learning and growing from difficult experiences rather than being overwhelmed by them.

Emotional wellness is an essential component of overall well-being, as it influences how individuals navigate their daily lives, cope with stress, build relationships, and pursue their goals and aspirations. By prioritizing emotional wellness and engaging in practices that promote self-awareness, self-care, and healthy relationships, individuals can enhance their quality of life and experience greater fulfillment and resilience in the face of life's ups and downs.

Spiritual Counselling

In a Spiritual Counselling session we bring to the surface any trapped or stuck Emotions usually from Childhood trauma, heritory or past life. Once identified we can clear these Emotions that no longer serve us and Affirm with Positive Loving, Abundant & Joyus Emotions, giving you the tools to manifest your best Life.