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Covid 19 NZ Government   Hygiene Guidelines 

Due to the current coronavirus (covid-19) and some correspondence requesting advice, Hands to Heal Massage Therapy recommends following Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines (updated regularly) or contacting your local region's health authorities.

Ministry of Health Covid 19 website link


Hello Everyone..

Looking ahead, and trying to determine what Level 2 looks like is a bit unknown, so we have outlined below what we see as being the best way we can operate, to keep you and ourselves stay safe, and at the same time be able to get the ‘tension’ and ‘flinching’ released out of those bodies that are in need of a knead!

 Due to our service being one that provides the public with direction with their well being, our hygiene protocols have always been high. We pride ourselves on the standards of cleanliness at our clinic but now we are going above and beyond. Here are just a few of our key measures that we will have in Level 2:

1: We will spray down clinic surfaces between each treatment using anti-bacterial Zoono.*

 2: Hand sanitizer is also available for you to use throughout the Clinic. Please use before and after your treatment and adhere to the highest standard of cleanliness.

3: Every evening our cleaning team disinfects all surfaces in our treatment rooms, vacuums floors and sanitises bathrooms.

4: Our team are also sanitizing door handles throughout the clinic, eftpos machines, tables and chairs.

5: Entry for treatments will be by pre-bookings only. No Casual / Drop-in at Level 2.

6: We want to create a "Safe Bubble" for you - to the best of your ability, so we ask that you wait in your vehicle until your therapist contacts you to ask you to come in to the clinic. This is to ensure we are keeping your bubble to a minimum and making it easier for contact tracing.

7: When possible please bring your own drink bottle.

 Zoono information

This is the future of antimicrobial technology. Zoono skin & surface sanitisers are formulated to kill the toughest germs for longer, without nasty chemicals. Long lasting advanced antimicrobial technology is the solution you hadn't realised had been invented! Protection against bacteria is more important than ever as microorganisms evolve, and antibiotics become less effective. Zoono significantly reduces the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould and yeast. This innovative technology will last up to 30 days on treated surfaces and up to 24 hours on skin. Zoono technology is water-based, alcohol-free and free from dangerous chemicals. This is truly the next generation of antimicrobial technology

It ‘May’ well be a "Soft Opening" - with a reduced timetable so that we can allow for more cleaning and ensure we have all our bases covered / new operating systems in place - and test the market to see what demand there is for our treatments. If days fill quickly we will expand the timetable/ therapists availability.

 We will open up our booking system with a first in first served basis, however if any of our long term regular clientele are having difficulty scheduling an appointment, please send me a message through text or email and we will try and juggle to get you seen as soon as possible. We know there are a number of you who are super keen to get in as early as possible… we will secure some emergency spots which we can use in these instances.

We are all looking forward to seeing you again and hope that we can get back on track and continue to make a difference with your well-being

Kindest Regards

Toni O’Daly - Director~Principal Therapist